Gorgeous scents

Handmade in the heart of Saddleworth

Haddican & Sass is all about eco-friendly, ethically sourced and animal cruelty free products; biodegradable packaging, reduced carbon footprint and amazing customer care. As a small, local business, we understand how vital ‘supporting local’ really is and hence why we’re keen to collaborate with other businesses like ours. 


100% soy wax from sustainable sources

Considering our unique production, exquisite scents and attention to detail, we’re also big believers in value, and creating a top quality candle at an affordable cost is one of our priorities.

Creating from the comfort of our own kitchens, and only living three doors apart, makes this a real ‘homemade’ business. Using only 100% soy wax flakes, every single candle is made by hand from beginning to end.

We choose fragrances which hold memories for us or relate specifically to life living in a rural village – we like the idea of simple but effective, with a scent for every nose!

Lovingly hand-poured, affordable candles

Our candles are clean burning and are all frequently tested to ensure high standards are maintained. Read our ‘Candle Advice’ information to ensure you get the most from your candle.

One of our aims is to create luxury, handmade candles that are free of harmful paraffin wax. It’s a little mad to think in this day and age, that some of the world’s biggest candle brands are made by machine and still with paraffin wax – a world away from our lovingly hand poured, affordable candles. 

Paraffin wax creates toxins when burned, leaving traces of nasty chemicals in your home for you and your family to inhale.


The soy wax we use is sustainable, biodegradable, and clean burning – also really great if you’re prone to allergies.

However, let’s not just talk about our candles being eco-friendly; as soy wax is biodegradable and water soluble, once you’ve finished burning them, why not make the most of our beautiful amber jars.

They’re washable and you can recycle or reuse them! We think they work great as mini succulent planters, paper clip holders or travel pots for creams and potions! 

We are passionate about minimising our environmental impact and every decision, from wax-sourcing to packaging purchasing is closely considered.

Support local

We are also keen to shop local, having our packaging provider situated only two miles down the road.  

As well as shopping here online, you can find Haddican & Sass products in some local shops, eateries and wellbeing establishments, as well as further afield around the UK.

We’re always looking to work with independent retailers and if our products interest you as a stockist, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Keep up to date with the latest news and goings on with @haddicanandsass on Instagram and Facebook.

Meet the H&S team

Kate Sassanelli (aka “Cakes”)
Co-founder, Wax Stirrer, Marketing & Social Media Queen
Steve Haddican
Co-founder, Scent researcher, all things design & brand
Our candles are more than just a delightful fragrance.

Consciously created, we help you discover the evocative power of scent to either pause, reconnect or energise.

Kate at work

Wicking up

Wicked up and poured

Now we wait…


Easy does it

The final product

Looking good